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Top Asia Development Ltd began its journey in 1996. We've completed a route filled with obstacles and delights for the past three decades, gathering extensive expertise along the way. Today, we are one of leading real estate developers with a reputation for identifying emerging real estate markets, recognizing aspirations in lifestyle evolution, perfecting the modulations of luxury and delivering projects that capture the unique spirit of changing Bangladesh.

We've worked hard to understand the nuances of the real estate world, empathizing with the victories and tribulations of landowners, customers, employees, and everyone else involved in our endeavors. Our goal is to delve further into understanding while using our engineering and managerial capabilities for the benefit of our stakeholders and our country.

We remain committed to our purpose with unshakable enthusiasm and dedication, having proudly constructed multiple high-rise and iconic projects. Our devotion is unwavering as we steer ourselves towards our desired future, consistently producing excellence.


We desire to lead the real estate industry by implementing best-in-class practices in production, marketing, and environmental stewardship.

Our goal is to increase the value of our organization by exceeding customer expectations, seizing market leadership, and maintaining excellence across all sectors.

Our aim goes beyond being a useful company to become a beloved organization for employees, customers, partners, and communities throughout the world, encouraging a worldwide influence.


We pledge to ensure consistent quality, committed service, and client satisfaction as we work to improve the housing sector, particularly for the middle and upper-middle classes.

Furthermore, prioritizing our employees' well-being and professional development by providing extensive training and assuring their satisfaction by ensuring a work-life balance.

We intend to invest in real estate research and pursue creative opportunities in the area in order to achieve a balanced ROI, as we set an example for the industry.

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